Hello. I'm a jack of many trades, but what I love most is making things and writing about how to do it—chocolate chip cookies, patchwork quilts, free-form needlepoint pillows, hand-knitted socks, jumper dresses, flowery skirts, and large stripey canvas tote bags to hold all my projects. My first book, Summer Crafts (Hylas Publishing 2005), was the end result of many trips to the beach and many hours spent making all kinds of things while there. Very cool—it was even translated into French and actually seen by a friend in a book store in Paris! My next book, The Fashion Designer's Handbook (Workman Fall 2012), is a sewing and design book for kids that comes with a doll-sized dressform and lots of patterns and tips so kids can design and sew fun garments for their dolls—and themselves. These days I'm working on a couple of new book ideas, finishing up a quilt for my daughter, and having an interesting time selling real estate.


Photo by Chris Carroll