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All I wanna do is knit

I've been making these super warm mittens for almost as long as I've had a dog which means I need to be outside in the freezing cold regardless of how freezing cold it is. They are based on instructions in a book by master knitter Elizabeth Zimmerman, who I remember said something about planning ahead and knitting mittens BEFORE the cold weather hits. A smart idea and this year I did get started in the fall, and have already knitted four pairs!


Name that car, a travel game


It's a game we play. I take a snapshot of a small part of a car, being careful to avoid any identifying features like car logos, email it to my son, and he replies -- often within minutes -- with the car make, model, and sometimes year. Email me a photo and I'll forward it along to him. I'll give you a hint, even though I'm his mother and probably should be more loyal....It's very difficult to stump him on English and Italian cars, but he's a bit weak on American cars.



What will I be when I grow up?

As I spend time job hunting these days, I ask myself this question. It's the question I've been asking myself since I was just a bit older than I am in this picture. Back then, in the days of space launches and many (too many) hours watching I Dream of Jeannie on tv, I wanted to be an astronaut. Sadly I discovered that I get car sick, so that was out. And a good thing because now I can't even swing on a swing anymore without feeling kind of awful. Next I wanted to be an archaelogist. I ditched that after a particularly unpleasant freshman college Greek class, where somehow I studied every day for something like 5 hours. And still didn't do very well. Embarrassing to remember when I hear stories now of my kids' straight A's.


Instead I wound up a philosophy major, which was fascinating but despite all that thinking important thoughts, I still wasn't too much closer to answering my own career question. After college the years sped by. I won't bore you with the details but let's just say I spent a few years in a rock band, quite a few more in the music business, and woke up at 41 to find myself a divorced mother of two young children with no job. Where had the time gone?

Many hours spent crafting and a best friend in publishing led writing a craft book. And then another. Wow, cool! So what's the answer? Maybe I just am what I am. And maybe it changes every year or even every day. Maybe today I'm a brownie maker, and if that's all there is, at least I'll have lots of friends.



Spring Flowers

Much as I get sick of winter, I can't imagine living somewhere without four seasons. The idea of missing the beautiful, peaceful, hopeful feeling you get when, after a long and dreary winter, the days get longer and the light starts to change and spring flowers start popping up all over the place seems insane to me. Not to say that I haven't cursed many a cold winter morning, complaining loudly as I was dragged down the icy hill by my crazy dog, but you have to get through winter to get to spring. It's cold today, but I know from the flowers that spring is here. I photographed these pretty little crocuses (Wikipedia says you have a choice for the plural of crocus -- crocuses or croci) at my neighbor Judy's house—a field of crocuses!

P.S. I've spent much of my free time this winter knitting socks for my kids. I think I'm on pair number 4. Or maybe 5. One of these days I'll take some photos.


A quilt in need of finishing

I had big plans with this quilt. I was going to finish it in time for my son Ike to take it to college. That was September 2012. Instead, moving houses and a million other things got in the way, and I'm stalled halfway through piecing the top. And just yesterday my son told me he only has 5 more weeks of classes of his freshman year after spring break. I'm running late, very late. Ok so a new goal...I'll finish it for him to take it to his first day of sophomore year. It's a promise and you are my witnesses.

The pattern is called Arabic Lattice and I love it. It looks like little sail boats, or maybe paper hats, though don't tell Ike or he'll leave it home. Here's the jpeg I found online (somewhere, sorry, can't remember where and can't find it again). You're supposed to make this one in blocks, not strips like I did, but I was fussing with lots of different colors and this way seemed easier.